Miscarriages & Fertility
Recurrent Miscarriages & Fertility
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The Lifestyle Code Clinic works in partnership with the internationally-renowned Centre for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy Miscarriage Clinic (CRP), based in the heart of Epsom in Surrey. Born out of popular demand from recurrent miscarriage couples keen to boost their chances of a successful pregnancy, we have since began offering our virtual lifestyle optimisation services to the masses. Patients may find themselves referred to us by the CRP Clinic, but they are warmly invited to book directly online or by telephoning +44 7874603040.
The CRP Clinic has an 80% pregnancy success rate 

The CRP Clinic takes a cutting edge scientific approach to the diagnosis and treatment of women who suffer recurrent miscarriages. ​​

From gynaecology to fetal medicine and from obstetrics to urology, the CRP Clinic is a centre of unparalleled excellence for recurrent miscarriage care.

Via The Lifestyle Code Clinic, The CRP Clinic is now able to offer a virtual bespoke holistic service for the optimisation of fertility for both women and men.

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Recurrent miscarriages​

For women, the CRP Clinic offers immune tests such as Natural Killer cells, thyroid antibodies and other immune factors. In addition, we test for different hormones including thyroid function and PCOS. We also offer tests for clotting disorders and womb abnormalities. 

Male fertility

We further investigate the male factor role in recurrent miscarriages and infertility using sperm DNA fragmentation. The test is repeated at 3 months if the initial result is abnormal.

Assisted conception, superovulation, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF):

In addition to our recurrent miscarriage tests, we investigate ovarian reserve, tubal patency and semen analysis for couples seeking assisted conception such as IVF. 

Our patients are in the hands of world-beating experts in recurrent miscarriages & fertility
Mr Hassan Shehata | Our Miscarriages & Fertility Consultants | The Lifestyle Code Clinic

Mr Hassan Shehata


Hassan offers Recurrent Miscarriages consultations.

Mr Haider Jan


Haider offers Fertility & Assisted Conception consultations, including IVF.


Mr Stephen Gordon


Stephen offers Male Fertility consultations.