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Medical Innovation. Plant-Based Nutrition. Mindfulness. Personal Training. 

weight loss dramatically improves fertility 
of non communicable diseases are caused by lifestyle factors
1 in 5
COVID patients will suffer lingering symptoms
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What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine takes a holistic approach to health and how the body’s systems can work together in harmony to combat chronic disease while boosting energy.

Instead of prescribing pills, lifestyle medics focus on finding the root causes of diseases to make patients' illnesses vanish.

Lifestyle doctors focus on the whole patient, not just the symptoms. We don’t treat disease, we treat the person.


The majority of patients don’t need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription.

We help you to feel better by focusing on the pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Relaxation, Social Connection and Avoiding Alcohol and other Risky Substances.

Who are we?

We are the UK’s first virtual service combining lifestyle medicine, microbiome & epigenetic testing & trackable technologies to prevent, manage and reverse non communicable diseases & improve fertility.

What are non communicable diseases? Obesity, mental health conditions, heart disease, cancer, asthma, stroke, kidney and liver diseases, PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriages.

By working in a multidisciplinary setting, we provide you with a holistic care plan and an excellent understanding of your health to extend your life and ensure you live it to the fullest.

For those wishing to conceive, we have joined forces with the Centre for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy (CRP) Miscarriage Clinic, which has a success rate of over 80% with recurrent miscarriages. In addition to being a designated IVF satellite unit of King’s Fertility, it specialises in delivering a cutting edge scientific approach to recurrent miscarriages focussing on immunotherapy as well as male fertility.

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Male Fertility

Lifestyle Medicine



Recurrent Miscarriages

Assisted Conception & IVF


What can lifestyle medicine help me with?


Blood Pressure





Heart Health


Feel Happier

Live Longer

Our experts can help with general wellness, fertility and Long Covid
Dr Mishkat Shehata

MBBS, MRCGP, MPH, DRCOG, Dip IBLM/BSLM, Dip Fitness & Weight Loss, Dip Sports Nutrition


Dr Mishkat Shehata is the founder and medical director of The Lifestyle Code Clinic, founded to restore individuals to optimal health and improve fertility. As a practising NHS GP, Dr Shehata has come to realise that people are suffering from a raft of preventable and reversible conditions for which medication may be stopped or reduced. Patients need a lifestyle prescription, not more pills.  


 Dr Mishkat Shehata is on a mission to encourage individuals to take charge of their mental and physical health. So much can be done without the need for pills which, in themselves, have side effects, requiring more prescriptions.

Patients are warmly welcomed to book a Free enquiry call before their appointment. No referral is needed.

We hope take the first step towards a brand new you with us.

Benefits of a plant based diet for pregn
Our team of caring experts are here to guide you back to health & wellness
Mr Hassan Shehata


Hassan offers Recurrent Miscarriage consultations.

Mr Haider Jan

MD MRCOG (GMC 6075583)

Haider offers Fertility & Assisted Conception consultations, including IVF.

Mr Stephen Gordon

BSc MBBS FRCS (Urol) (GMC 4333980) 

Stephen offers Male Fertility consultations.

Rachel Huban


Rachel offers virtual plant-based nutrition and mindset coaching consultations.

Hussein Shehata

YMCA Level 3 and BodyBuildFX Personal Trainer

Hussein offers virtual personal training tailored to your individual needs.

Martine Nates



Martine offers virtual mindfulness consultations and the renowned 8-week Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme. 

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We offer telehealth consultations, whilst the fertility team sees you face-to-face

Telehealth consultations 
  • 45-60 minute appointments

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Kind words
“It’s not often that you enjoy an appointment with a medical professional but that’s certainly how I felt after my consultation with Dr Shehata. She is an expert in her field, with an abundance of practical insights and advice, and yet she is warm, approachable, collaborative and light-hearted in her approach. I felt listened to and cared for and her tips were tailored to both my physical and emotional needs. I would highly recommend Dr Shehata to anyone looking to make lifestyle changes for the better.” - Emma
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Our services are all virtual except Long Covid & fertility consults, where we see you at CRP Clinic at the address below

Patients can book an appointment via our booking portal, email office@lifestylecode.co.uk or telephone +447874603040.

Bramshott House

137-139 High Street


KT19 8EH

Opening Hours: 

Sunday 9am – 1pm

Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm

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